Residents of Trapis Town

Trapis is home to the toughest of frontiersmen.


The town of Trapis is filled to the brim with hopeful families, supported by frontiersmen, led by tough women. The children here grow up fast, growing strong with helping the struggling town.


Minor Characters of Trapis

  • Sergeant Patrick ‘Ambush’ Leon – 5ft, stoic, always offers solutions, clean shaven
  • Corporal Harry ‘Eagle-eye’ Williams – Teenage boy who is gung-ho about fighting against his mother’s wishes, loyal brave and enthusiastic.
  • Private Luther ‘Fletcher’ Flynn – Just out of his teens, cracked voice, acne

Mayor Annish Franca


“I do miss <yawn> the excitement of the good old days.”

She is a handsome, petite woman whose best days are just behind her. Her curly red hair has touches of gray. She wears a broadbrimmed hat and the Trapis badge of office.

Roleplaying: Having retired long ago, Mayor Franca is bored. She jumps at any chance to relive her glory days. Now that her husband is dead, she is free to pursue whatever reckless dogoodery she wants.

Motivation: She is genuinely pleasant and enjoys her luxurious lifestyle, but misses her carefree days as an outlaw. She wants to relive her past by taking down Count Hartless. She is a reformed criminal and only takes jobs that aid the less fortunate or involve the return of stolen property.

Background: Annish Franca used to be Renee St. Cowan, a poor child brought up in a religious orphanage and given a saint’s name as her surname. Unfortunately, war soon came and the king of Dunish took money anywhere he could find it, including the coffers of a small town orphanage. Renee took to stealing to help, burglarizing noble mansions, and secretly giving her scores to the orphanage as anonymous donations.

When the orphanage finally had to close its doors, the young Renee joined a thieves’ guild and became an adventurer. Those were the best times of her life. When her group disbanded, Renee was left with enough money to purchase some land. She changed her name and settled down, married a nice man who kept her out of trouble. Eventually, she was elected Mayor in the town of Trapis. Still, she misses the old days, and it takes little to convince Annish Franca to put her skills to use one more time, especially now that her husband ain’t naggin’ her no more.

Annish was recently turned into a baby by the Arrow of Time.

Virtue, or Roger Goldgleam

“Waste not, want not.”

Appearance: Content Not Found: alderman-anne-franco’s right-hand man is Roger “Virtue” Goldgleam, the local banker. Virtue is a big man, towering over most people and peering down his nose through his walrus eyeglasses.

Roleplaying: Despite his size, he still cowers at the threat of violence. He grits his teeth at anyone trying to get money out of his budget. He’s so miserly he will often butt in with a more affordable option.

Motivation: He has a plan to revive Trapis town to it’s gold rush glory days, but his economic plan has to reach a critical mass that every withdrawal sets back.

Background: Before he became a banker, Virtue was a gambler and bookie in the city of Dunish. He nearly lost his life to a crime boss named Krev the Unclean for his gambling debts. He set the odds against Sammy Three-fist in the Five Fist Fight and was cleaned out by his debts.

Krev put Roger Goldgleam into indentured servitude, where he counted the crime lord’s ill-gotten gains every day. Eventually, his mathematical acuity and passion for budgets and yearly fiscal targets saw him rise in the ranks of Krev’s book-keepers. The other bookies called him Virtue for his odd inclination to never fudge numbers, never steal, and never gamble.

Eventually, Virtue bought his freedom and struck out for a new life away from the vices of Dunish, hoping to put his economic theory to work to build financial incentives for citizens to create a safer, less corrupt community. But the only town that would accept his services was Trapis.

Master Okren Chandler

“Wealth can kill a man, but hard work will keep him strong.”

Appearance: The master is a man creeping into his elder years. He is bald with a large thick mustache. He rarely wears his religious attire, and prefers work clothes.

Roleplaying: He listens more than he speaks, and when he does speak, he is a bit vague. This helps him to avoid obligations that are not aligned with his motives.

Personality: He is easily annoyed by people or things that keep him from his work as a carpenter. He respects the responsibilities that come with his title, but he avoids frivolous events such as religious balls and ceremonies whenever possible. Religious ceremonies are an exception, as he is a man of great faith and devotion.

Motivation: Master Chandler believes that by building roads, temples, mills, and other structures needed by his people, he is fulfilling his obligation to the gods. He does not merely design the structures, though, as he is hands-on with every project—
shaping the stones alongside his workers.

Background: The young candle merchant was a drunk exploiting his great wealth. He fell ill due to his heavy drinking, and his father threw him into a labor camp to correct his attitude and behavior. There, he learned how to shape wood, how to love the ancestors, and the connection between the two. The master emerged from the camp as a man devoted to both his craft and his faith.

He build the Church that the Count’s men burnt down, and has set about to building a new one from the literal ashes of the old. However, Mayor Franco’s exploits keep getting in the way…

Residents of Trapis Town

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