Thick As Thieves


"Count Heartless is coming, we must prepare for WAR!"

The heroes made their way out of the laboratory to the assembly area, where they found Osmun's Spyglass.  Finally, they were able to find directions to the Central Battery, where all the remaining workers were gathering.  

There, they met Delan, whom Jin had been contracted to kill.  The leader of the workers, Delan explained carefully the nature of the Central Battery and guided them to disassemble it for Crate Storms, several orders of magnitude more powerful than Bottled Lightning.

The heroes led the workers and several wagons of lightning out of the Silverflame Mine, where Delan dutifully helped them destroy it with a powerful detonation of lightning.  Though the workers spurned Kunail for his elfhood, they were nonetheless thankful for being rescued.  Brolin the Journeyman Priest was sent ahead to prepare the town for their arrival.

During the night, Kunail encountered the Elven hunter he had killed earlier… he too, was a vampire.  After a brief battle, the Hunter flew away, unharmed by Kunail or Nakk.

When the team finally arrived the next morning, they created a War Council and set about making the most of their three days to prepare for the battle.

Jerart Batler
Kunail Murai
Jin the Shade
Annish Franca
Okren Chandler
Young Buck, the Blacksmith
Brolin, the Priest Journeyman
Delan (deceased)
The Knucklers (30) – CQC, melee, and archery. 16 swords/16 bows with steel tip arrows
The Dunish Wardens (45)  - trained in CQC, armed with iron-tipped spears
Jin’s Raiders (10) – cavalry black ops, trained in traps and bombs, armed with spears
Jerart’s Lookouts (9) – Jerart trained to spot incoming forces and identify threats
The Pathfinders (5) – Kunail trained scavengers
The Young Drummers (10) – War drummers to keep morale up and for basic communications
The Hospitallers (10) – Children and non-combatants running first aid out of the Butcher Shop
The Fire Wardens (10) – Using the fire code set-up by Okren, these non-combatants use buckets and fire lines to put out fires with well water.
Scarecrow traps
Road Pit traps
Boiling Fat traps
Pit Spike traps
Sling Tower traps
The Knucklers, with melee and ranged training
The Dunish Wardens
The Young Drummers
Jin’s Raiders
Palisade Wall
Arrows and spears, with steel heads
Hospital with poultices
Fire Fighters
Battle Plan + Strategies
9 lightning casks
5 crates of 5 bottled lightings each
16 bows
16 swords
9 ammo for spears
9 ammo for archers


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