Peace falls like rain upon the armies of elf and man.  The song of swords fades from battlefields and grass grows in the boot prints there.  Rivers once red with blood run clear; what crops not burned are reaped.  The Tornell Empire and Eleven Commonwealth bury their dead while sharpening their swords.  There is no rejoice in peace; the trumpets play only dirges.

These two entities became embroiled in an ever-growing war that soon consumed the entire Continent.  Recently, a peace was called, named the Galarai Intermission.

From out the burning Warren in the Pathless County, four men with dark pasts set out.  Will they redeem the dark deeds of their past?  Or will the world fall to lawless chaos before them?

Geography of the Tornell Empire and the Elven Commonwealth

The Tornell Empire spans the Continent, with only a southern frontier.  The Elven Commonwealth makes its home in the voids of the Tornell's map – the empty spaces marked "The Forest of Galarai," or "The Sapphire Wastes."

The North 
Eloreth, The Sapphire Wastes

The Heart
Arcadia (Wealthy Cottage Country)

The South
Galarai, the City of Silenced Song
Dunish, the Desert City
     The House of the Immortals
     The Red Sands Arena

          The Knife-Ear Saloon
     Beggar's Quarter
     The Basilica of the Sun

          The Market in the Shade
     The Wooden Sword
     Aora Safe House
     The Naked Jester
     Hart's Hearth (the home of Count Hart)

The Pathless County, the southern frontier of civilization
Trapis, a frontier town
    Silverflame Mine
    The Broken Tree (formerly the Convenant Tree)

Warren, a prison settlement



Elves often believe in the Anima of all things, the living force that guides men, elves, trees, rivers, rocks and specks of dust through the world.  Each entity has an animus and the elves are particularly attuned to the anima around them.  In theory, the world is a shrine to itself.  In practice, elves often erect monuments to particularly powerful anima.

Humans worship their ancestors and those that came before, not only of bloodlines but also of professions, authoritarian positions.  It is said that the spirits of those venerable people guide their worshippers.  In practice, the reverence of these saints strips away their human flaws and allows them to inspire their congregations.  

The Gorons are a mystery.  Their God is unknowable.

Thick As Thieves

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