The Wanting Widows

The brides that wish for widowhood.


Always masked by wedding veils but dressed in widow’s gowns, these mysterious women hunt in concerted effort for their shared husband across the cities of the Continent. What they wish to do with him, no one yet knows… though the Con Man has some suspicions.


Alisiya LeStrange

The first Wanting Widow they faced was Alisiya LeStrange. They encountered her inside Black Oak Ridge, where she had allied with the Veilish to become something more-than-human. She was a towering eldritch woman in wedding white. Her arms stretched to the ground, jointed in two places. Her eyes hidden behind a lace veil. Her teeth were needle sharp.

The Con Man remembered Alisiya as a spritely young woman whose family had recently come into fortune – so-called noveau riche. The Con Man, under the name of Taggart Ruffler, married Alisiya and made off with her dowry and fortune. She then presumably joined the Wanting Widows.

Allie Freedman

Allie Freedman loved him, and in this rare instance the Con Man loved her back – enough to give her a son, that they named Jesse Freedman. The Con Man has memories of being happy, sitting at the end of a dock, dangling his feet in the water of a river.

The Wanting Widows

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