The Confidence Man

"If it's rich, I'll marry it."


No one knows his true name (but he may know your secrets…). He has been called Franklin von Trapp, the Shark, and most recently, Ron Grits and Jerart Batner.

Little enough is known about the nameless man behind the various identities. Both his parents may be alive. It is said he proposes to a new woman in every city, township and village he arrives in, and leaves right after he marries them.

Early in his career, Franklin von Trapp became one of the most hated men on the Continent when he started a minor border dispute between two human and elven aristocrats that escalated into a border dispute, that became what we now know as the War. Von Trapp remains at large, and portraits of him hang in major city centers should he one day be recognized and brought to justice.

As Ron Grits, he spent quite a bit of time in elven territories, until he arrived in Trapistown, whereupon being recognized by Count Ephraim Hart, he was arrested by the Swords of Warren and jailed as Ron Grits.

He spent some time in the Warren, maintaining a single identity for years, biding his time for an oppourtunity to escape. He became close with Jin the Shade and Nakk, but it was the arrival of Kunail that set his plans in motion.

The Confidence Man

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