High Warden Share

The High Warden of Warren Prison, First Child of Kunail.


High Warden Share

The High Warden of Warren was a survivor of the War. During it, he was a special operations captain, often going deep into enemy territory or assigned to hold off enemy forces against impossible odds. Despite a hefty collection of ugly scars, his soldiers trusted him and his family was spared the worst of the War.

Until Rivenwood was taken by Kunail Murai and his elvish forces. On that day, Share lost his husband and seven adopted sons, his commission, and any fighting spirit. When the peace was called, he self-exiled himself to the Tornell’s new prison in the Pathless County.

High Warden Share was killed in the Warren Gear Room, when Kunail Murai returned from death as a vampire after suffering a fatal blow form Share himself. Kunail tore into Share’s neck and feasted on the blood there, and left him dying on the prison floor. But…

“I have heard through the the wings that you have joined us on this side of the pale moonlight. This pleases me. Though we clashed often in life, I welcome you as a brother, to join your strength to mine. Let blood wash the War from your immortal soul; may you rise from its bath dark of eye and sharp of Fang. I do not know your sire, but should he prove unsatisfactory, I will show you the ways."

With great regard,
Krev the Unclean


High Warden Share

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