Jin, aka "The Shade"

"JUST a thief? Don't make me laugh."


Short black hair; simple and unassuming, ideal for a thief who has to don wigs as a disguise during recon or gathering intel.

He bears marks of sacrilege from cities where he pulled his most notorious jobs on the middle joint of his fingers. And for good measure, authorities have darkened the bottom half of both his arms to make anonymity a nightmare for a thief trying to remain inconspicuous.

Wears a black hood with red accents, a cape for warmth. Gauntlets on the arm to hide parts of his blackened arms; also used as defense in combat. Gloves are worn to hide the tattoos on his fingers, wraps around the hands for when he’s pulling a job.


Small pouch on the left hip that holds lock-picking tools and various small items useful on adventures.

Throwing daggers. Kunais, basically. Ringed pommel at the end.

Long sword that hangs on the right hip. Sheathed in a rock hard scabbard that’s used in combat for both defense and melee attacks.



Anna, aka the Toy-Maker:

Punisher has Micro, Jin has Anna. A toy-maker (family shop) who doubles as a master blacksmith. The two met as children when Jin visited Anna’s family toy shop. Unable to afford any of the toys, Anna befriended Jin and the two began to spend time with one another.

During Jin’s training with Aora, a notorious gang in the city stole a pendant Anna’s grandfather left her, which Jin then retrieved. This was THE steal that gave him the rush every thief craves. Stealing from markets and pick-pocketing people is easy stuff. This was the first time he had to conduct proper recon and learn how to infiltrate. Once the pendant returned, Anna realized that Jin was someone she could trust despite his trade. Over the years, Jin would often confides in her when times are tough. Next to his relationship with Aora and his clan, his relationship with Anna is the one he’s confident will not fail. He considers her to be a surrogate sister, and though she has created some of the tools he has used over the years, he does his best to not drag her into the criminal underworld.

Every time Jin returns to Dunish after a job, Anna is the first person he looks for. Anna knows Jin is back when she receives an origami lotus, which is something they practiced folding as kids to pass the time. It also helps that the degree of difficulty that comes with the activity offered them a bit of dexterity training for their respective professions.


Jin’s mentor, third disciple of Bale, a master thief who formed his small clan. Aora is incredibly skilled and taught Jin everything he knows from sleight of hand to combat. Strict, but kind, which Jin initially found odd, but eventually came to the conclusion that she’s a good person — thievery aside. Throughout his childhood, Aora has acted as both a mentor and a motherly figure to him and her other disciples: Kara, Shin and Saban. Aora places a strong emphasis on family and does not take betrayal lightly. Prior to accepting Jin, Kara, Shin, and Saban, she made all four of them swear an oath to never betray one another.

Jin knows little of Aora’s past aside from the fact that she was a student of Bale’s. She’s never mentioned having a family, though Jin has come up with a few theories over the years, all of which end in sorrow.

Aora lived a long life and died of old age 10 years ago prior to Jin’s incarceration.


Romantic interest (?).

Former member of a low-level street gang (think Fagin and his crew from Oliver Twist) who always took more than they should when members bring back what they’ve stolen. Jin and Kara would hang out together in the streets as kids. Every once in a while he’d pick pockets for her so that she avoids punishment for not bringing enough money/valuables back to the gang. Jin despises her old crew for their lack of imagination and how they generally mistreat everyone they take in. So Jin begged Aora to take Kara in. Aora eventually agreed and began training her. One of the most important moments Jin and Kara shared was being by Aora’s side the day that she died.

Jin’s last heist was the one that sent him to jail. Kara had made some sort of deal behind his back, which was to expose him to authorities the moment she and Jin was in the process of a getaway. Aside from being sent to jail the crime he was caught for, Kara also pinned every major heist he committed with her on him. She took most of Jin’s riches for herself, breaking Aora’s oath. That same night, she stole from the Cradle and nearly killed Saban in the process, which Jin learned about in prison.


Surrogate brother #1: Has a taste for the finer things in life, which Jin and others have to tame every once in a while to avoid drawing attention to the clan. Incredibly agile, a lover of magic (the Houdini kind), and a real charmer, often acting as the mouthpiece during cons.


Surrogate brother #2: A little on the quieter side, but not anti-social by any means. Adept in hand-to-hand combat, prefers to avoid using weapons. Meticulous about everything he does and loves animals. Prior to being nearly killed by Kara, he once had a close younger brother, older sister relationship with her. Despite the devastating betrayal, Saban struggles with the idea of revenge against the person he has the strongest bond with. Knowing he’d never go through with killing Kara, Jin has decided to take it upon himself to take her out,

Random things:

The Cradle:

The Cradle, a chest placed in front of the gravestone statue of a past mentor. This is common among high-level thieves. Before a heist, they ask their predecessors to watch over them. After a heist, a coin from the score is thrown in. Rituals are fairly consistent among every thief when it comes to the Cradle. Jin’s own ritual is as follows:

  • Before a heist: three bows to the statue of Bale, a prayer, then three bows to conclude. Then he moves to Aora’s cradle and repeats. The only difference is that instead of praying, he talks and confides to the gravestone.
  • After a heist: a cup of wine is poured to the statue of Bale, three bows to greet, a prayer of thanks. Move to Aora’s gravestone. A coin from the score is thrown into the cradle, a second cup of wine is poured and laid in front of the gravestone, then a greet with three bows. When all has been said, three bows to take leave, I drink the cup of wine. Move to the statue of Bale, finish his cup of wine, three bows to leave.

Once the Cradle is filled, the money is used to to support whatever the clan needs and the disciples that have been taken in. Stealing from the cradle is considered sacrilege.

Combat Moves (new moves will be listed once used in a session)

As a lover of music, Aora developed a fighting style she calls “Symphony for the Dead.” It revolves around fluid movement and no wasted action. Restraint can be practiced, but every move is meant to either kill or maim.

Aora’s Symphony for the Dead:

  • 1st Movement – Death From Above: Samurai dash towards the enemy. First strike is an upward slash with the long sword, followed by a high jump into the air. Attacking position changes with a mid-air sword flip caught by both hands to strike the blade down the enemy for the final blow. In the case of titan-sized enemies, Jin may run the blade all the way down the body to make the damage even more devastating.
    A simplified version of DFA was used in the battle against a quicksilver giant on April 6th, 2017, Session 3.

Jin, aka "The Shade"

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