The names of the deceased.


Artzell Preston

“I do not fear pain, only the amount of it.”

Artzell rarely groomed his brown, shaggy hair and badly cut goatee. His voice was commanding when talking to inferiors, but Artzell was shifty in other matters. A victim of circumstance, Artzell was also a survivor. He did not like what he did, but preferred it to death or pain.

Artzell was always ground under the boot of one dictator or another. First it was his commandeering mother; then it was the lord of his land, always demanding more game for his table; his boot camp instructor, his serjeant, then Lieutenant-General Ephraim Hart of the 2nd Dunish Corps, and from then ‘til after the War Artzell was the Count’s catspaw.

Artzell was the foreman of the Brightflame Miners, but still under the boot of his master Counrt Hart and well aware of it. When things weren’t going Artzell’s way in a fight or encounter, he abandoned his comrades to ensure his own escape, like in the Silverflame Mines. He was ever aware of what failure means and is always ready to pin the blame on someone else, even if it means eliminating witnesses amongst his own men…

Artzell died trying to mount his Dragon-slave, bridled by Artzell’s Saddle. Jin was able to knock him off with two sharp throwing knives, and Kunail dealt the killing blow with a well-placed arrow.

Casualties of the Battle of Trapistown

War Council Member Delan, the Miner, Guardian of Anta Aria – assassinated by Jin
Lieutenant Young Buck, the Blacksmith – melted by Dragonfire
Corporal Marguerite “Maggie Sureshot” George – crushed by the collapsing Church, mercy killed by Kunail
Private Malcolm “_Awful_” McKie – stabbed through the face by the Mercenary Captain

High Warden Share

The High Warden of Warren was a survivor of the War. During it, he was a special operations captain, often going deep into enemy territory or assigned to hold off enemy forces against impossible odds. Despite a hefty collection of ugly scars, his soldiers trusted him and his family was spared the worst of the War.

Until Rivenwood was taken by Kunail Murai and his elvish forces. On that day, Share lost his husband and seven adopted sons, his commission, and any fighting spirit. When the peace was called, he self-exiled himself to the Tornell’s new prison in the Pathless County.

High Warden Share was killed in the Warren Gear Room, when Kunail Murai returned from death as a vampire after suffering a fatal blow form Share himself. Kunail tore into Share’s neck and feasted on the blood there, and left him dying on the prison floor. But…



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