Count Ephraim Hart

Ephraim Heartless, Ear-Taker, the Butcher of Galarai.


Intelligent and tenacious, Lieutenant-General Ephraim Hart impressed many and infuriated others in the Tornell Empire during his meteoric rise during the War. He had no time for the weak, and promoted the strong. His appearance and noble background earned him the nickname “the Count”, and his military mind put him on a fast track to success at the outbreak of war. Hart’s innovative operational planning while in command of 2nd Dunish Corps contributed greatly to the success of the Galarai Campaign.

Hart suffered a public disgrace after his conduct at the sack of Galarai was exposed. Though he retained his rank and noble standing, his lands and wealth were rescinded and recompensed with an estate in the Pathless County on the southern frontier of the Empire. He currently rules as Governor of that wasteland.

“Ephraim Hart … we called him Ephraim Heartless. Ephraim Ear-taker. The Butcher of Galarai. He was the commander of the human army that sacked that ancient city, once full of light and music. Galarai was … glorious.

Until the the Ear-taker came and put Galarai to the sword. For seven days and nights, the city burned, they say. He had a contest for his men – “how many knife-ears can you take for your necklaces before our reinforcements arrive?” “How many of these ageless abominations’ whelps can you stick on your spears?”

They say he took more joy in the slaughter than any man or woman in his army, that his necklace of ears looped ’round his neck three times, and that he wears it still." – Kurail Munai

Count Ephraim Hart has two twin children of adult age named Aidan and Aislinn Rising. He does not advertise this fact and actively hides his association with them, and they have taken their mother’s name.


Count Ephraim Hart

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