Anta Aria

A young human girl who may be an elven prince.


Anta Aria

“Train me."

She is a frail-looking youth in ill-fitting clothes who glances around as if terrified of the world around her.

Anta Aria is obviously well educated, with proper diction and manners, but acts nervous and scared. Her brutal kidnapping and murder of her court entourage members has scarred Anta Aria with a lifelong curiosity with violence—or even the possibility of violence. She wants to know how to kill or have peopled killed, and then she wants to be able to do it. She wants to survive and escape to somewhere safer, and learn to defend herself, preferably with someone strong.

A child prodigy in the healing arts, Anta Aria was the youngest of the ruling family of Galarai. Betrayal by a supposed family ally led to the brutal slaughter of her entire court entourage while on the road to another Elvish town. Anta Aria was taken by Delan—who was told to lie low in the town of Trapis. There, Anta Aria paid Jin the Shade to kill Delan, and afterwards begged Jin to both steal her Glassteel sword back from his casket and to train her in the arts of killing. Jin taught her how to find the Toy-Maker in Dunish, and the next day a horse was missing and in its stall lay a perfectly folded paper crane.

She carried Cripplecane, a sword of elven make disguised as a cane that Anta Aria took from Delan’s dead body.

Anta Aria

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